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The Messy Aftermath of My 18th Birthday

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By Paul Smith - 10/09/2012

It was an important event for me, so I decided to throw a big party. I managed to persuade my parents into leaving me alone in the house for the weekend. Their only condition was that I clean everything up before they get back. It did not seem as a too difficult task at that time, so I agreed.

The party was undoubtedly a huge success, I spend great time with my friends dancing and playing various games. However, when I woke up in the afternoon on Sunday I realized it would be a miracle if I manage to clean the mess by the time my parents were back. I had no choice but to call for help. Fortunately, some of my friends volunteered to lend a hand and we started picking up all the litter from the floor and the furniture. As surprising as it may seem, we filled ten trash bags with empty pizza boxes, cans, bottles and plastic forks and plates. It was a good idea to use disposable plastic dishes as we could simply throw them away instead of washing them.

Having thrown away the huge pile of garbage, we proceeded to tackle to stains on the kitchen floor. Apparently, someone had spilled something very sweet on it as it was as sticky as glue. After a lot of rubbing with the scouring pad, I managed to get rid of the dirty marks. Then my friends mopped up what was left, while I moved on to the living room. The situation there was horrific – it was all topsy-turvy, despite the thrown-out litter. I had to do some hovering before I could start tidying up. Thankfully, the vacuum cleaner was brand new and extremely effective so it did not take too long. The major problem was that there was a noticeable coca-cola stain at the corner of the carpet. I was too afraid of further damaging it, so I did not dare to use any ordinary cleaning agent. I went to the nearby supermarket and asked for the best stain remover they had, it cost me 20 pounds, but I had no other choice. I got back home and applied some of it on the stained area. Fortunately, the lady at the shop turned out to be right, this detergent did a great job. The spot was gone in fifteen minutes and I was so relieved.

In the meantime, my friends had managed to clean the hallway and the bathroom, so it seemed we were done in the nick of time. No sooner had I sprayed some air deodorizer, than I heard the doorbell ring. My parents were back and thanks to my friends’ help, there were no more traces of the last night’s party.