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By Paul Duglas - 18/07/2012

One of the first and most important habits that children should acquire is the one to keep their home and the environment around them clean. Parents are the ones who have to teach their children what to do and how to do it and tell them what is right and what is wrong. If children are not taught to clean during their early age, later it would be much more difficult for parents to educate them properly. Little kids are quick learners and this is the time when they should be taught to the rules and norms of life. Cleaning is one of the indispensable duties of our everyday lives and we should show our children the importance of cleaning and also get them to help us with the housework.

We should start building up cleaning habits in our kids when they are still infants and we should begin with the little things. For instance, when our children have spread all their toys and rattles on the room floor we have to tell them to collect all this stuff when they are done playing. Of course this is an annoying activity for them but we should not do it for them because they will get used to our help and will not form their own cleaning habits. They will always wait for their parents to clean after them but we should not allow it. This is the main thing we should do in order to teach our children to be responsible.

Another step is to teach our kids how to behave when we take them outside for a walk. When you are in the park, for example, while playing your kids will certainly ask you to buy them something to eat or drink. When they are little they, of course, do not know that they are supposed to throw the waste in the dust-bins defined for that purpose. Then you should show them where to throw it and explain to them that they should not pollute the environment because it is wrong. When they are told several times they will get used to this rule and will apply it from then on. Further, they will know how to behave when they go to kindergarten, school, excursion, picnic or a walk in the woods with friends.

Learning to keep their homes and the environment clean is one of the main steps in developing children’s characters. We all acquire the habits to take care of certain things, follow certain rules and have certain responsibilities. When we are still little children our responsibilities are little, too. But we have to start from somewhere, right?