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By Luke Jedaia - 01/03/2013

The bosses were already gone and I could finally have breakfast without worrying about anything. I cleaned up the table where they had had their breakfast and I went to the kitchen to eat mine.

There were Erika and Joseph, sitting and having breakfast. Everything was so peaceful and quiet when the bosses were out. It was only left for Janette to go somewhere else but I didn’t think this could happen. Luckily, she wasn’t in the kitchen so I sat with the others and started eating. We were all hurrying because Janette could show up any minute and begin screaming about something and interrupt our breakfast, making us get to work immediately, as she loved to do.

I was glad I had this little free time because I started to get to know my colleagues better and really get along with them. We started a small talk which eventually turned into a conversation of the more important things in life. They asked me about where I was from, what my family was like, why I had moved to London, how I had decided to be a maid, how I got to the Smiths, etc. I answered all of their questions without going into too personal details because after all, I’d known those people since just two days and as trustworthy as they seemed, I still couldn’t open myself to them completely.

They also told me about themselves which was really interesting to me. Joseph had practically spent all his life as a cook in the Smiths, first for Chase’s parents and now for his family. He had no wife, children or relatives so he said he had accepted the Smiths as his own family. Erika was really young, she was around my age, twenty-something years old, but she had gone through a lot of difficulties and obstacles in her life so far. From what she told me, I understood she’d had a very hard childhood and she had fought to achieve everything by herself. She was young but she had apparently grown up faster than the others and she seemed really strong. I was very impressed with both of them as they were nice people and I was glad I had the chance to work with them.

We were having a lively conversation when it was harshly interrupted by Janette’s nasty voice: “OK, the show’s over. Now get to work immediately! All of you!”