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​Do you know the fuss and the feeling of hopelessness that obsesses you when your landlord breaks it to you that you have to leave the apartment until the end of the week? Even in the cases when you have a place to go to, there is still the question where to start from with the cleaning. And this is the moment when we intervene. The end of tenancy cleaning is not something that will scare us. Don’t worry and leave the whole cleaning business to us – we are always ready to give you a hand into hard times.

What do you get choosing Aceclean?

- hot steam carpet cleaning;
- treatment with special detergents against bacteria and house dust mites;
- polishing the furniture with antistatic products;
- washing the glass surfaces;
- deep kitchen cleaning;
- waste and rubbish removal.

To find out more about our services and book our end of tenancy cleaners, please call 020 7060 9598 or click here.

We are fully aware of the fact that the whole end of tenancy stuff is not the easiest job on the earth for the most of the people. That is the reason why we have put a lot of time, money and efforts into developing young and reliable team of enthusiasts who provide the best end of tenancy cleaning services in all London areas.

Our employees are only energetic, mobile and fully-trained operatives, who will gladly do all the pre- or post-tenancy cleaning quickly and professionally, which guarantees that your landlord will be more than happy when they see the results. You don’t have to present in your accommodation at the time of the cleaning, because in addition to the fact that our employees are highly experienced, they are also people who are trustworthy enough to entrust your privacy.

The intense cleaning of your apartment is not a problem for us – we are able to do all of it just in a day, coming into your place fully-equipped and ready to challenge the dirt and mess to a battle which we have won before it has even started.

And that is not all. In addition to the very best of the end of tenancy cleaning services that you receive from us, you should also know that we can be booked in a short notice and the price stays the same. That is the reason why our services are not charged per hour, but there is a fixed price quotation. And this, undoubtedly, will save you some money that we are sure you prefer spending somewhere else.

We also have another special feature that we considered useful for our customers. Remember that if by any reason you don’t feel happy with the results of our job, then you can call us any time and we will come back and do the whole thing again, absolutely free of charge. The management control is also one of the things that we count on to leave our clients totally satisfied with our end of tenancy cleaning services.

You are most welcome to call us any time on our 24-hour phone line and book one of our end of tenancy cleaning teams. We will be glad to help you will the job and leave you enough free time for the other things you consider to be important in your life.