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Aceclean provides a vast variety of services, including communal area cleaning. We have mobile crews, consisting of high-quality, highly-motivated and experienced cleaners, who are ready for action. You can rely on our professionalism and modern equipment.

Many London residential and commercial buildings use our services, because we provide professional services at very reasonable prices.

We take care of the following cleaning activities:
- Cleaning, washing, dusting and polishing skirting boards, windows, window frames and window sills, light switches and fixtures, doors, fire extinguishers, radiators and the common area as a whole.
- Cleaning stainless still lift doors.
- Clean and polish any brass and chrome
- Vacuuming
- Mopping floors
- Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms
- Cleaning security areas or receptions
- Picking litter outside the building
- Maintaining rubbish areas
- Car park cleaning
- If needed, bulb changing

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Common areas are high traffic areas, because everybody passes through to reach their actual destination. Logically, these are the dirtiest areas in most buildings, because shoes leave dirt on the floors, sometimes on the walls, too. Many hands touch the light switches and windows, etc.

Front entrance and the communal areas are first point of visitors’ first impression of a building. That’s why keeping these places clean is a priority, especially if it comes to office areas, conference and training rooms and lobbies. Other common areas, which are only seen by certain people, like employee rest areas are equally important and we take care of them, too.

When there are a lot of people passing through one and the same place, it is normal that the risk of spreading diseases is increased. This is why common areas should be well sanitized, so that microbes and other microorganisms, harmful for human health, do not thrive.

If you want to live in a building which is clean from the inside too, or you need to present a good image of your office to your client, do not hesitate to contact our company. You may e-mail us, or call us on 020 7060 9598.

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